Land Use and Zoning Law

Massachusetts Zoning laws exist in order to preserve the public interest in certain neighborhoods against uses which are believed to violate the public interest of such neighborhoods.  In other words, the laws exist so that neighborhoods, towns and cities can exert control over what can be built within their boundaries.  This enables local governing bodies to dictate the "look" and "feel" of their neighborhood within permissible, constitutional bounds.

This delegation of authority resulted in a regulatory framework that can often be cumbersome to developers, contractors, engineers, landowners, landlords, and homeowners.  In fact, in order to conduct nearly any type of construction project, whether it be new construction or renovation of existing structures, you must obtain a permit from the appropriate zoning board.

The Cloutier Law Firm will guide you through this regulatory process from the point of idea creation to idea execution.  Allow attorney Kevin M. Cloutier to ensure that your job complies with relevant Federal, State and local laws and ordinances so that you can concentrate on completing the job.

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