Civil Litigation

Litigation is defined as a “Contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right.” To litigate is to enter a courthouse for the purpose of presenting a legal dispute to a Judge or Jury so that the Judge or the Jury can decide the outcome of the dispute. Civil litigation involves nearly every legal dispute or issue that does not involve an arrest and criminal charges.

An attorney that specializes in representing clients in court is considered a litigator and while there are thousands of attorneys in Massachusetts, only a small percentage can call themselves litigators. Attorney Cloutier is a proud and effective litigator and one who feels most at home in a courtroom as opposed to a desk in his office. An effective litigator must be proficient at effectively communicating their client’s case to a Judge or Jury. That effective communication relies upon a mastery of the facts and the applicable law which only comes with relentless preparation.
Being an effective litigator in the courtroom also makes it easier to settle or resolve cases before it even gets to court. Being fully prepared to argue both the facts and the law provides the civil litigator with leverage against the other side when it comes time to negotiate a settlement that will avoid the additional complexities of going to court.

Attorney Cloutier learned the art of litigation first by observing his father in action and then by practicing this art, daily, as an Assistant District Attorney in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Attorney Cloutier has continued to sharpen and improve his litigation skills by advocating in courthouses across Massachusetts for his clients in various legal disputes. If you have a legal dispute that may require litigation to resolve, contact Boston civil litigation attorney, Kevin Cloutier, for a consultation.

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