Personal Injury

Personal Injury – Successfully settled a case against a national convenience store chain for its failure to repair the cement walkway that provided access to the store’s main entrance. The walkway fell into disrepair such that large portions of the cement were chipped away creating a dangerously uneven surface that placed all of the store’s customers at risk of injury as they entered and exited the store. While on her way to work at 5:50 a.m., attorney Cloutier’s client stopped at the store to purchase a few items for the day and as she was leaving the store, the damaged walkway caused her to lose her footing, fall and fracture her ankle. Attorney Cloutier’s advocacy not only resulted in his client receiving monetary compensation for her injury, it resulted in the store repairing the sidewalk so that no other customers would suffer his client’s fate.

Personal Injury – Successfully settled a case against a Tattoo Parlor whose failure to follow basic safety rules such as maintaining an operable autoclave instrument sanitation machine that resulted in attorney Cloutier’s client contracting MRSA while getting a tattoo. This case’s success was due in large part to attorney Cloutier immediate demand for an inspection by the local municipality’s Board of Health whose findings led to the parlor being shut down for one week pending the parlor’s correction of various safety rule deficiencies. Attorney Cloutier and his client took great satisfaction in knowing that this case highlighted numerous safety issues that could have caused significant harm to hundreds of this parlor’s customers.

Personal Injury – Successful settlement against a nationally recognized restaurant chain that chose not to remove its outdoor patio umbrellas despite significantly high winds and despite a local ordinance that forbade outdoor dining during this time of year. As a result, attorney Cloutier’s client, a forty-two-year old mother of two, was knocked off of a sidewalk and pinned between two parked cars when an area umbrella weighing over 75 lbs. blew into her causing her to fracture her arm. A satisfactory settlement was due in large part to attorney Cloutier’s efforts to secure statements from adjacent business owners attesting to the extreme winds that blow through this open-air shopping area along with video from the day of the incident showing a flag violently whipping in the wind. Aside from violating a local ordinance, the restaurant ignored common sense that the high winds that day were likely to blow an umbrella over. This injury caused attorney Cloutier’s client to lose weeks of wages from her job as an aesthetician and to be unable to even pick up her two young children for weeks following the incident. Luckily, the settlement adequately compensated attorney Cloutier’s client for her lost wages and for the pain and suffering this entire ordeal caused her and her family.

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