Car Accidents

The most common, and often the most damaging, event that can cause injuries are automobile accidents. Take one short drive to the grocery store and you will observe an alarming number of motorists concentrating on just about anything and everything other than the road in front of them – texting, talking, eating, drinking, applying make-up and even the daily crossword puzzle. As a result, responsible drivers and their passengers are put at great risk whenever they venture out on the road.

If you end up in a car accident that results in injuries, you must protect your rights to be adequately compensated and to do so, you must seek legal representation. Attorney Cloutier will provide that representation and will not seek a fee unless and until you recover monetary damages.

In Massachusetts, the number of motorists driving without insurance is rising. If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured motorist, your ability to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries becomes limited. In these cases, you must often resort to seeking payment from your own insurance company that may be more concerned with their bottom line than with your own injuries. In such cases, victims may feel reluctant to enter into an adversarial relationship with their own insurance company. Let attorney Cloutier advocate on your behalf and obtain the compensation that you are owed by your own insurance company.

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